Virtual Food Pantry

Learn about our Virtual Food Pantry

The Virtual Food Pantry exists so everyone in our community can get the nutrients they need, no matter what’s in their wallet or bank account.

Our innovative service reaches local families exactly where they are. We make it easy for people facing challenges to order groceries from their phone and pick them up at a convenient time and place. But we need your help to sustain the Virtual Food Pantry.

You can support the Virtual Food Pantry by following us on social media and sharing our content, subscribing to our email updates to learn how we’re strengthening the community, and donating to invest in the future of the Virtual Food Pantry.

Wondering what’s unique about the Virtual Food Pantry? Our service is:


Our groceries are completely free, enabling families to put food on the table during tough times.

Very Convenient

You can place an order anytime and choose from seven different pickup locations and various pickup times during the day.

Completely Private

We know everyone goes through difficult times, so we offer people a discreet way to receive judgement-free support.
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