About Us

Our Mission

Nourish. Connect. Empower.

The West Suburban Community Pantry (WSCP) offers food for the hungry and resources to empower people to improve their quality of life.

Serving over 5,600 individuals each month, WSCP is integral to helping our low-income neighbors in DuPage and Will Counties receive the nutrition they need to lead full lives. We work to break down barriers to food assistance, implement new services to best help people in our community, encourage volunteerism, and educate our donor base about existing needs.

After finding and fostering families and individuals who need care, we can also refer resources to ease and eliminate the circumstances that led customers to seek emergency aid.

Together, we can realize our vision of a community without hunger.

Our Impact

pounds of Fresh Produce

pounds of Milk

pounds of Foods to Encourage (whole grains, low-sodium soups, canned foods, etc.)

pounds of Eggs & Cheese

Total Individuals Served*
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Seniors

*67,653 customers served in 2020,
5,672 customers served monthly

Types of Households Served*
  • Single Parent Households
  • Households with Disabled
  • Other
*17,653 Households served

A History of Helping Hands

It begins with a need, and a need to help.

In 1990, Roger and Barbara Schmith transformed a small pantry in the closet of a local church into a community supported organization.

As it gained support, grew in size, and finally earned 501(c)(3) status as the Woodridge Community Pantry in 1992, so too did the recognition of the need across the surrounding counties. In 2010, we became the West Suburban Community Food Pantry to serve all of DuPage County, and we now offer aid to Will County too.

Many things have changed in 50 years, from instituting school breakfast programs, to partnering with organizations who offer classes etc, one thing has stayed the same: no one is turned away. For we’re all just a crisis away from the same circumstance.


The People
Behind the Pantry
It takes many amazing people for continued success and support. Meet our staff, board of directors, and advisory committee, each of whom keep WSCP vibrant and vital.
Partners & Supporters
No one does anything alone. We depend on the donations of our sponsors, partners, and private citizens. Whenever someone is down, there’s a hand to pull them up.
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