Volunteers are central to West Suburban Community Pantry’s mission, enabling us to provide more meals to families facing hunger than we ever could otherwise. But did you know that volunteering is good for you, too? Read on to learn more.


1. Volunteering helps you get to know your community better.

Volunteering at WSCP will connect you with more of your neighbors in Chicago’s western suburbs. That’s because you’ll have lots of opportunities to meet our clients, staff and volunteers.

At WSCP, we are privileged to welcome lots of different people through our doors. Our volunteer shifts enable people who represent a variety of cultures and experiences to get to know each other as they fight hunger together. By putting groceries in someone’s trunk or packing boxes with fresh produce, you just might meet someone who lives in your neighborhood or the parent of one of your children’s classmates. And the more you volunteer, the more you’ll get to know your neighbors!

2. Volunteering allows you to participate in innovative anti-hunger programs.

Our volunteers engage with many different aspects of our work. From sorting donations to distributing bags of groceries, they enable our creative and impactful programs to run smoothly.

For example, our Virtual Food Pantry is an innovative new program at WSCP that makes it easy for people facing tough times to order free groceries online. We are one of a very small number of food pantries across the United States to offer an initiative like the Virtual Food Pantry to our community. The Virtual Food Pantry is rapidly growing, and WSCP needs more volunteers to roll up their sleeves and dive in. If you sign up to volunteer, you just might have the chance to support a unique program like the Virtual Food Pantry.

3. Volunteering will offer you a new way to spend time with others.

Are you looking for new ways to spend quality time with the people in your life? WSCP offers volunteer shifts not only to individuals but also to groups – including families, religious institutions, community organizations, and corporate groups.

We work hard to offer volunteer opportunities that are both fun and rewarding. In the past, we have hosted Girl Scout troops, corporate teams, church groups, and more. It would be our pleasure to customize a volunteer experience to meet your needs. Let us know what you’re looking for in a volunteer shift and we’d be happy to explore the possibilities together.

4. Volunteering just might make you healthier!

Data and research demonstrates that volunteering is good for your body and mind. It can boost mental health by offering you opportunities to interact with and help other people, which promotes positive feelings that contribute to improved well-being.

Volunteering is also good for your physical health. It gets your body moving and lowers stress levels, which helps combat health conditions exacerbated by stress. Volunteers report better physical health than non-volunteers – and studies show that volunteers live longer than others!


Are you interested in volunteering at WSCP? Learn more about fun and easy ways you can give back.

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