Fairhaven Wealth Management is hosting a Pro Bono Financial, Legal, and Tax Consultation Day this coming June 16. They are offering a wide variety of finance-related consultations to anyone that needs it that day. It’s a tremendous opportunity for people at all stages of life to think about their next chapters.

Their experienced panel of tax, legal, and financial pros will be on hand to answer questions, from the simple to the complex. Reserve a space now!

Jun 16, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CDT In-Person or Video Call

RSVP online at: https://www.fairhavenwealth.com/event-details/pro-bono-financial-planning-day-june-16th. If you’re having trouble registering, or have other questions, please call 630-990-9000 or email djahns@fairhavenw.com

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