Pantry will be closed for in-person shopping June 16th – June 21

Due to the high temperatures this week, we have experienced the failure of both the air conditioning in our Pantry building and the loss of our commercial refrigerators and freezers. Our first priority is to ensure food is safely stored and handled, and under the current conditions that is impossible. We also need to ensure that our customers, volunteers, and staff are safe and comfortable in our space. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when demand is high and the cost of food is rising daily. But we could not in good conscience, have people spend precious gas to come to the Pantry when we cannot offer the items they need most.

The Pantry is expected to re-open on Thursday, June 23rd. This page will be updated if the dates change. Thank you for your understanding!

In the meantime, the Pantry’s Virtual Food Pantry continues to offer the option to order groceries online and pick them up at a number of locations in the area. For information on the Virtual Food Pantry visit

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