WOODRIDGE, IL — Without community leaders, Woodridge wouldn’t hum along nearly as smoothly as it does. We’d miss their contributions in so many big and small ways. Patch has partnered with T-Mobile to recognize these often unsung community leaders and celebrate their contributions. This submission comes from Sarah Corbin, a Woodridge reader who nominated Barbara Schmith, Co-Founder West Suburban Community Pantry.

How do you know this community leader? She is the founder of West Suburban Community Pantry

What does this community leader do? She continues to serve our community even after the founding of WSCP in 1970. She advocates for food and nutrition security. And is helping to organize this year’s holiday gift program.

Why do you believe the community leader should be recognized or honored? While the West Suburban Community Pantry has grown since it started as a small pantry in the basement of a local church, Barbara has never stopped caring for others, advocating for fresh foods and vegetables and taking action to help people in our extended community.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about the community hero? Her actions, along with those of her co-founders, have impacted millions of lives over the years – 110,000 last year alone.

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