The West Suburban Community Pantry has been fortunate to recently benefit from usage of ILA Pros in our front lobby. ILA Pros are two-screen devices that allow individuals to communicate across language barriers. By simply selecting language and dialect, one user can speak or type into their side of the ILA Pro and have their words translated in real time. This has been so important for our community as we strive to meet the diverse needs of our neighbors.

Since July, WSCP has used ILA Pros to communicate with neighbors in 27 different languages including Spanish, Ukrainian, and Arabic. The ILA Pros have been an incredible resource for our front lobby staff and volunteers. Recently, we also had a chance to host members of the Loaves & Fishes Community Services team to help them learn about the device. By working together and utilizing important tools like the ILA, we can provide an easy, positive shopping experience for all members of our community.

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