Employment Support Education with Goodwill Workforce Connection Center (all from 4-5 via Zoom)

September 28th: Future of the Workforce: Know your Power Skills

October 19th: Behavior Interview Questions and Other Interview Tips

November 16th: Why Am I Not Landing The Job?

December 1st: The First 90 Days of Employment

RSVP to Kristin to receive Zoom link at 630-948-8136 or kjachymiak@wscpantry.org

The program connects local companies to job-seeking people in our community. They have resources that provide convenient access, tools and technology, and support to those looking for work. A large range of work opportunities are promoted to help connect job seekers to positions that meet their unique employment needs. The Centers bridge the gap between the job seeker and local companies. They provide an array of services, including resume assistance, job preparation workshops, access to computers and other technology, job leads and a regular schedule of employer recruitment sessions. Services are provided at no charge to our customers.

Learn more information at https://bit.ly/3R5Upai

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