Make a child’s birthday a special one!

In order to make birthdays special for the many children we serve, the Pantry assembles a “Birthday in a Bag” for children ages 1 through 9. You can create a complete birthday party using the list below, or donate a quantity of any item, indicating it is for the Birthday Bags. We also welcome age appropriate birthday gifts to add to our Birthday in a Bag kits.

  • Cake mix and frosting
  • Party game, treats, hats, loot bags
  • Packaged balloons
  • Cake decorating items (sprinkles, gel, etc.)
  • Paper plates, cups, napkins
  • Birthday candles
  • Birthday gifts for ages 1-9 years

All Party Bags need to be labeled for a boy or girl. If you use a numeric candle, please note that age on the bag. Please try to match color schemes/party themes.

Donations can be dropped off at the Pantry. Find donation hours here.
For more information, contact Kristin: or 630-948-8136.

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