By reconfiguring our existing 10,000 square feet of the storefront, warehouse and office space in Woodridge, we can serve an estimated 5,000 more families per year; including 2,000 more children and 500 more seniors.

Private Intake Area

Private offices for client registration and case management

Our new private intake area will make it easier for clients to speak in confidence and trust us.

Grocery Store Remodel

A bright clean, positive “grocery store” experience

Our “grocery store” remodel will make going to the food pantry a positive family-friendly experience.

Warehouse Remodel

Increasing access through expanded capacity to serve on-site and off-site.

Going to a trusted and familiar location for food helps to take away the fear and pride of going to the Pantry.

Online Ordering

Our remodel will allow efficient order packing for distribution to drop sites, and give clients the option to pick-up orders.

Online ordering has proven to reach 40% of people not currently using a traditional food pantry.

Increased Access

Moving our office space and having a conference room will allow us to expand training and workshops for clients

Building more community partnerships to help clients be self-sufficient in a place they trust and feel safe.

We know that more bricks and mortar are not the be-all-and-end-all solution to reaching more people in need. Rather, we believe that optimizing our current space allows us the maximum impact – expanding our reach to people in need while minimizing the investment required. The plan affords us the best use of our resources and the most effective way to further our distribution on-site, as well as through mobile sites and online ordering.

A mere $600,000 in capital funding will allow us to grow to serve 5,000 more people per year by 2030.

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