Online Ordering Common Questions

Order Online. Convenient Pickup.

Life gets busy. Online ordering allows for you to choose from various pickup locations and times. Your groceries are all prepacked ready to go.


How far in advance do I need to order groceries?

You can place an order as soon as 24 hours before picking up groceries. However, it’s best to order at least a couple of days before you need groceries. That way, you can get food when you need it at a convenient location.  

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How do I get my grocery order at my pickup location?

In Woodridge – West Suburban Community Pantry, go to 6805 Hobson Valley Drive Suite 101. Pull into a parking space and a volunteer will come out to assist you.

In Bolingbrook – New Hope Baptist Church, pull into the church parking lot and a volunteer will assist you.

In Bolingbrook – B. J. Ward Elementary School, pull through the bus pick-up lane. A volunteer will assist you. 

In all other locations — Volunteers are onsite to direct you. 

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How many times can I order online?

You can order food twice a month using our online system. You can shop an additional two times at our in-person market.  

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Do the groceries change that you have available?

Yes, we offer a variety of different groceries, depending on what foods have been recently donated or purchased. However, we almost always have bread, rice, soup, canned vegetables, milk, eggs, peanut butter, and beans. 

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Who do I contact with other questions?

Email us at or call (630) 512-9921.

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