GardenWorks Project

The West Suburban Community Pantry is proud to highlight its partnership with the GardenWorks Project. The GardenWorks Project’s mission is to empower, educate, and promote organic suburban agriculture to improve the well-being of our community, the environment, and families facing food insecurity.

The GardenWorks Project provides low-income families with all of the resources needed to grow food at home. They teach families how to sow, maintain and harvest from their gardens. In addition to a 4′ x 8′ cedar raised garden bed, soil, compost, plants, and gardening tools, each family is paired with a gardening coach to help ensure their success throughout the growing season. GardenWorks supports their gardeners with fresh compost, vegetable plants and seeds for at least two years after their initial garden installation so that they can continue to build on the skills learned during their initial year in the GardenWorks program.

Each year GardenWorks brings more gardens to families in need than the year before. Since 2012, they have installed home gardens for 132 clients who depend on food pantries to feed their families. In all, 516 individuals now have access to fresh, organic, home-grown vegetables because of their GardenWorks Project gardens.

The GardenWorks Project believes that everyone deserves healthy, organic food, not just those who have the means to afford it.

Applications to participate in this program are being taken at the Pantry from February 1 through February 28, 2018. Clients can submit their applications during regular service times in February. Click here for service days and times.

For more information on the GardenWorks project, and its partnership with the West Suburban Community Pantry, check out