The holidays are a time for families everywhere to celebrate joy. As we look forward to gathering together, enjoying food and exchanging gifts, we are aware that many of our neighbors in need face stressful choices during this season. Nearly 10% of families in our community are facing decisions like whether to have a Thanksgiving meal for their family or pay the rent, or choosing between buying gifts for their children and paying for heat.

You can be a Pantry Elf and brighten the lives of struggling families this holiday season.
A contribution of $225 can provide holiday meals, gifts and more for a family of four.

Clients of West Suburban Community Pantry are working parents, children and the elderly – they don’t know where their next meal will come from or how they will make ends meet. By being a Pantry Elf, you will spread love and joy and enable us to alleviate some of the extra financial burden for families in need.

Your generosity will brighten a family’s holiday with food, gifts and the comfort of
knowing that an elf is helping them get through tough times.

Together we can provide comfort and joy for those struggling with hunger.

Be A Pantry Elf Donation Levels:
$225 to provide for 1 Family
$450 to provide for 2 Families
$675 to provide for 3 Families
$900 to provide for 4 Families
$1,125 to provide for 5 Families
Any amount is welcome. Thank you!

Be A Pantry Elf

Meet Some of Our Pantry Elves


Volunteer 11 years


Susan started volunteering in 2008 and was so impressed with what West Suburban Community Pantry does and all it offers its clients, that she has continuously been volunteering ever since. On Tuesdays, Susan is here helping with client service, sorting donations, and helping out where needed. Susan is also on the Church Liaison network and volunteers at the mobile pantries.  If you see something tasty at the pantry, it’s probably because Susan brings in homemade soups, cookies, dips and other delicious treats for the volunteers to snack on while they are here.


“Tuesday is my Pantry Day, and all of my friends know it,” says Susan!


Volunteer 4 years


After Karen retired, she was looking for organizations where she could give her time to volunteer and get involved. Her brother was on the Board of Directors at the West Suburban Community Pantry and invited her to attend the Chefs’ Culinary Challenge. Karen has been volunteering at the Pantry ever since that eye-opening night! She helps with client service, special events and mailings.


“We are very lucky to have what we have, and it’s time to give back to those who aren’t as fortune”, says Karen.



Gina Cunningham

Board Member since 2009
Volunteer since 1990

Gina and her family volunteered at the Pantry when she was growing up through St Scholastica and it has always had a special meaning to her to know that they were helping neighbors in need.

“I am thankful for all the giving and goodness for the people served by the Pantry and for all the wonderful volunteers who give so much and make such a difference! I am so proud of the West Suburban Community Pantry for their giving, generous hearts,” said Gina.


Mike Olson

Board Member 2 ½ years
Volunteer 11 years

Mike, his wife and two children are regular volunteers at the Pantry. They volunteer during client services once a month, and have helped out at the mobile distributions. Jen (Mike’s Wife) has played a large roll in planning the Spring Spectacular for the past several years. Mike’s daughter has collected donations for the Pantry in lieu of birthday presents from friends for a number of years.

Mike started volunteering with the Pantry to set an example for his kids. Mike said that he continues to volunteer and be a board member with the Pantry because of the impact he could see to fill a primary need for human beings.


5 Years Old

Ashley told her mom that she wanted to “do something nice for other people”, so she held a small neighborhood food drive. To her astonishment, Ashley delivered 239 pounds of food to West Suburban Community Pantry! Ashley’s mom Angie says, “We are grateful for our children who show us each day how easy it is to love others.” #Kidsmakeadifference

Kay Page

Board Member 1 year
Volunteer 1 Year


Kay is new to the West Suburban Community Pantry Board of Directors this year.

She got involved with the Pantry because she wanted to partner with great people and make a tangible, daily difference in the community.


Volunteer 4 years


Dave started volunteering at West Suburban Community Pantry because he wanted to give back. Dave’s brother in-law served on the Board of Directors at the Pantry and suggested Dave check it out. Dave has been volunteering at the Pantry ever since! When asked what he loves about the Pantry, Dave said simply, “we help people.”



Volunteer 1 year


Amanda is currently a junior at College of DuPage. She started volunteering at West Suburban Community Pantry because she has always been curious about what a food pantry is and how it works. Amanda volunteers on Tuesdays during Client Service. She loves meeting and connecting with the Pantry’s clients. Amanda says she would love to volunteer more if her studies weren’t top priority!


Volunteer 5 years


You will see Art volunteering in several Pantry programs around town: Tuesday and Thursday Client services, home delivery for seniors, mobile pantries, the Church Liaison committee, and volunteer recruitment at College of DuPage. He is always willing to help out wherever needed!


Art became a volunteer because he came from a poor beginning and had reached a point to be able to pay it forward and give back. He loves to build relationships with the clients, ask them how they are doing and get to know their story. “It gives them hope and reason,” says Art. He continues to volunteer and help at the Pantry because he wants to promote people helping people.




Jina Boerman

Board Member 5 years.

“I started donating food as part of the Move for Hunger program our family owned moving business participates in over 6 years ago.  Once I started visiting the pantry I fell in love with the mission and wanted to do more.

“Annually Boerman Moving and Storage does seven to eight food drives in which we donate all of the food collected to the West Suburban Community Pantry.  This year our staff volunteered over two days to help with Harvest Sunday.  I try to be as active as I can and try to engage as many aspects of my life into giving back at the pantry.  This year, my son’s friend group is looking to volunteer over Christmas break!

“I encourage anyone that is looking to get involved and volunteer to live local and check out local non-profits.  There is so much need in our own communities.  Giving back feels good.  I challenge anyone to volunteer or donate to the pantry in the upcoming year and you can see for yourself how amazing giving back is!”